Dream comes true for luxury living fans

Jason and Val Middleton waited four years to move into their dream home – a wish that came true yesterday.

The couple moved from an apartment in Mt Maunganui to a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a double internal garage in the luxury Coast Papamoa Beach development.

“We have been trying to move [into a Coast property], but there wasn’t anything available when we started looking.”

After two years of apartment living, they looked into the market again. Initially, they missed out on their first choice but have now found their piece of Papamoa paradise.

“We were very lucky to get this place because there were several others wanting it.

“The home is in an ideal situation for us, between the Mount and the shops at Fashion Island and Bayfair. It is quite close to Papamoa Beach.”

Mr Middleton said knowing their home was high-quality was important.

“All the Coast houses are architect-designed and approved. The builders are first class and the area in my view is just magic. For the amount of work they have done, we found the price very reasonable.”

Coast Papamoa Beach developer Steve Short said he had been watching the market for a few years and it had now reached the development’s price point.

“It’s a master plan development of seven neighbourhoods and all of the houses designed there will have architectual flavour.”

The development has strict design standards and a select group of approved builders. Prices start at $570,000, with the most expensive house sold so far at $1.4m.

“[Our market] is people who want something a little bit different, a place where their children can come and stay and go to the beach and have guests over but the homes are usually just for a husband and wife,” said Mr Short.

by Ruth Keber

Bay of Plenty Times

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